GATE Episode 2: Technology too strong

The first half of this episode was actually pretty hard to made me cringe to see the other world's soldiers reacting to the technology of the modern world. I'm also skeptical about the proposed main antagonist of the show...isn't the corrupt king a bit overplayed? I feel like my eyes are going to start rolling when they start going more into the politics of the two worlds...I guess I'm more interested in the social interactions of the two cultures. Also, of all places, why are we sending in Japan as the representative of our world's culture? Is anyone else bothered by the fact that an otaku is in charge? This seems very dangerous...

Presumably, next week's episode introduces all of the main heroines of the show (the first of which appears in this episode). The two worlds (can I call them Tethe'alla and Sylvarant yet?) are very noticeably unequal in military strength, but I presume this story is meant to enforce a kind of give-and-take relationship between the two. So what does our world intend to gain from this alternate world? Something about the beauty of the simpler life? Or is our world going to incorporate some magic?

Bonus: using laptops for word processing, I'm assuming? There's no wifi in the other world...

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