Overlord First Impressions (1): Kirito is a skeleton?

More trapped-in-game stories? To be fair, it was probably one of the only reasons I gave this episode a chance. This series follows Momonga (not sure if that's his real name), a player in an immersive MMORPG similar to SAO and .hack who is trapped in the game when the servers are shut down. I could gripe at the probability of only one person remaining in the game, but I'm assuming the game was dying out in popularity, so it probably isn't that unheard of.

In all, it's an interesting concept and I appreciate that the show takes its own spin on a premise that is becoming more popular these days. I was a bit upset that the first half of the episode seemed to drag on, though...that could probably have been condensed to about 4 minutes. I think I'm going to stick with this show for at least a little bit more. While I'm turned off by the skeleton main character (I generally dislike playing non-humans in games), it's not a deal-breaker. I'm pretty upset about the music, though...in my mind, vocals were just not there.

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