Gatchaman Crowds Insight First Impressions (0+1): Back in the swing of things

PSA: You should watch Episode 0, as Episode 1 builds on what happens in it. Also, there's less action in Episode 1, so watch Episode 0 to watch the Gatchaman in action.

I was a bit skeptical of a second season of Gatchaman, but I really like the direction they're taking with it. At the end of the first season, Rui unleashed the CROWDS on the world, basically allowing anyone with his app to remotely control a physical avatarĀ and affect the world. While this was useful at the time, it's a powerful ability to give to the general public. Episode 0 displays my main question: what happens when someone wants to use the CROWDS to commit crimes?

Episode 0 introduces theĀ main antagonists for this season as a group of people, identifying themselves as VAPE, who believe that humans are not fit to control the CROWDS. While I assume they use the red CROWDS to purposely show the world who they are, I really think they should just use blue CROWDS if they want to actually succeed...imagine how confusing that might be. In Episode 1, everyone takes a step back to introduce new members of the cast, the alien Gelsadra and the new Gatchaman Tsubasa. Throughout the episode, I was thinking that there was a plethora of ways they could get Tsubasa into the group (a lot of Power Ranger beginnings come to mind), and I'm glad they chose a somewhat direct route.

As a final note, the music in this series is solid. Both opening and ending songs seem fairly good, but I would say that only the opening is the type of song I would listen to on a regular basis. Anyway, this season should be fun, right?

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