Owari no Seraph Final Episode (12): That was pretty much expected

Well this week's episode doesn't really give us that much more than an epilogue of last week's events. I guess the only thing would be that it seems like Mika has accepted being a vampire over being human. I'm also really upset that Yuu seems to have forgotten what happened to him last week...hopefully Ashuramaru will be willing to fill him in later. She did warn him that he was about to lose control after all.

The resolution of this season pretty much went as expected. We end with a ton of questions still in the air and now it looks like this show will skip a season and pick back up in the fall. Overall, I'd have to say I understand many of the complaints I've seen about this show being generic with a boring premise (vampires) and generally inferior to the common comparison (Attack on Titan). I was personally going in hoping to answer some of the questions I had from reading the manga, but the show pretty much ended where I stopped in the manga, so no such luck. Maybe next time?

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