Danmachi Episode 12: So why is Hestia there again?

So it looks like this week's episode gives us some background on Ryuu...though I'm pretty sure this means that she will fall into obscurity from here (there doesn't seem to be too much to add to that story). We also had Hermes interfering in order to "test" Bell for something. Is it his own personal mission or is he actually working for Freya? I am curious about the scene where Hestia releases her divine power, though. What exactly are the implications/consequences? Does she just gain power that surpasses humans? It all seemed pretty underwhelming in the end...

Next week's episode should end this series. It's still possible that they end on a pseudo-resolution in preparation for another season, but in the case where they don't, I'm curious what will happen. I'm sure the fact that Welf lost his sword this week is going to be relevant, so he might be forced to use a magic item or something. I'm curious what exactly is going on at the end of this week's episode, though. Is a monster breaking into the safe zone? Does this mean that this safe zone is compromised forever? And if all of this is true, why was this place designated a safe zone in the first place?

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