World Trigger Episode 34: Getting close to the end

Wait...all this time, they could have just turned off their Trigger? I'm assuming this has something to do with all of the Humanoid Neighbors using Black Triggers that specifically target Trion, so it's just a coincidence that this worked. Either way, that seems to be a common theme for this week's episode. That aside, it looks like Yuuma was able to eliminate another one of the Humanoid Neighbors, so they're making some progress. I will say this, though: there was a part in this week's episode where it's revealed that Jin has pretty much orchestrated most of these matchups to inconvenience the enemy, which I thought was pretty cool.

It looks like next week's episode will be the final battle of this invasion arc, featuring the last moments of the Jin's predicted future. Based on the preview, it looks like some last-minute reinforcements might be popping up to save Osamu at the crossroads. Am I supposed to recognize them or have they never appeared yet? I feel like this invasion arc has been going on so long that I've forgotten what else happens in this show.

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