Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 23: The battle begins

That suspicion I had last week about Rin and Saber's secret talk was somewhat anticlimactic...they ended up revealing it pretty quickly that they were actually talking about the fact that Saber would have to fight without much help from Rin's mana. Other than that, there were some fun battles to watch this week. I'm a bit annoyed that Shirou spent most of the beginning of his fight trying to fight with projections as normal, though. I would have figured he would realize that doesn't work by now. But that aside, we got some fun fireworks between the two, right?

So next week's episode is titled Unlimited Blade Works and the preview has a line where Shirou seems to be gearing up for some sort of final attack, so I'm wondering whether he finally is able to pull off using Unlimited Blade Works (part of me still thinks Archer will show up and use it, but he has no mana so that makes no sense). There's also a line in the preview where Saber mentions an improper summoning leading to a twisted Servant. Is she simply referring to Gilgamesh? Because if so, that seems like a pretty useless thing to say...

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