Danmachi Episode 11: Bell literally carrying the team

I'm a bit surprised that after all of that huff, Hestia's group didn't even make it in time to help Bell's team reach the safe zone. I guess the only reason they're there is to help secure the way back up to the surface. Other than that, not too much happens in this week's episode. There is an interesting bit where Hermes mentions that someone asked him to check Bell out, but not much is said about that. I'm assuming it was Freya or something?

So is next week's episode going to go more into Welf's story and get him to start making magic items again? Surely that would be very helpful for the team. The team has a day off in the safe zone, so I'm assuming they have the time to go into Welf's past and figure out his damage. Also, what's the end game for this series? Is the final episode just going to end with the team escaping the dungeon or is Freya going to make some final move to test Bell?

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