Owari no Seraph Episode 9: Separated

This week's episode switches focus back to Mika for a bit, showing that despite becoming a vampire, he has yet to drink human blood (likely a plot line for the future). Yuu and the team also get some steroids, but that's not super important. I'd say the biggest question I had for this week is this: if vampires despise humans so much, why were they fight with what I'm assuming were man-made helicopters, planes, and explosives? I suppose if they view humans simply as tools, both for food and for combat, they could think little of it. I just find that mentality weird.

Next week's episode looks to show off both Mika and Guren in battle. Probably the more important part is that Mika and Yuu will finally meet again (you can sort of see it in the preview when Mika shows that surprised face and Yuu's sword is shown). With that, we'll be pretty much reaching the limits of what I've read in the manga.

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