Danmachi Episode 9: Hero mode

Wait...did Bell just get another broken ability? When he used it, I assumed that the ability was something to the effect of "if someone is in desperate need of your help, your next skill will be charged up". Instead, it looks like the conditions are much broader...it seems like it will work whenever he's fighting something stronger than he is. Isn't that just a passive buff that seems way too strong? But my gripes about imbalanced game mechanics aside, this week's episode introduces Welf Crozzo as a new member of the team. While I'm not sure I totally agree with his stance on weapons, I do agree that I've never been a fan of magic items that break after a certain number of charges are used up.

Now that the team is assembled, will the next episode just be the three of them taking on new monsters and new floors? It doesn't seem all too interesting. Also, didn't Welf's story seem too easy? I don't know what to think because the ending of this week's episode seemed like everything was done, but I'm suspicious that there might be more to him. At least we don't have to worry about him going around stealing Bell's stuff since it's his equipment.

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