Plastic Memories Episode 8: Ultimate rejection

So this week's episode answers a few of the questions I've been having throughout this series (finally). First off, Andie answered my question about whether retrievals happened early...apparently, Terminal Service One is much more inefficient than other services because they wait closer to the last minute to appease the owners. Secondly, I was curious about the notion of running into an android after its memories were reset. Apparently, it can happen, but why does it seem like such a rare occurrence in this world? And why doesn't it cause more problems?

Man, they're really building up this relationship between Isla and Tsukasa while simultaneously crushing all hope of Isla remaining after her retrieval. How are they going to dig themselves out of this one? Don't get me wrong...I've never had a problem with bittersweet endings. I actually think they're much more realistic. But it looks like I'll be one of the few willing to accept how this series ends...

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