Plastic Memories Episode 7: A quiet week

While I understand that last week's episode basically started a relationship between Isla and Tsukasa and this week's episode was attempting to build that relationship, it's still frustrating to watch what felt like absolute filler to me. I guess we've reached a bit of a low point in this show. If I were to place a reason on it, I'm guessing this week's episode was put here to rope back in those who had a bit of trouble stomaching the incident with Marcia (that means it's gearing up to do something like that again, right?).

Well, I can only hope that the story gets more interesting from here. I'm assuming it should be back to retrievals starting next week. But given that the black market syndicate was taken down, I'm guessing it's just going to be vanilla retrievals from here, right? I suppose there is some hope in that Tsukasa's growing attachment to Isla will theoretically make her own retrieval quite difficult. I'm still quite curious how that will be handled and it may be one of the few reasons I'm still interested in watching this show.

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