Owari no Seraph Episode 7: Squad is assembled

Well, this week introduces the last main character that I know of, Mitsuba Sanguu, as part of the team. She naturally has her own problems in this twisted world, blaming herself for the death of her team because she broke formation. This was something in the manga that somewhat bothered me because Yuu pretty much ends up doing the same thing again and again, but he gets away with it because he can handle himself better in a fight.

Anyway, next week should go into Mitsuba's story a bit more...I can't remember if it only takes one more fight before she starts to warm up to Yuu (because she obviously will). We're still not all the way through all of the manga content that I have read, but we're getting pretty close now. So far, there haven't been any major deviations that I've noticed.

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