Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 19: Poor Lancer

I suppose this week's episode is somewhat of a more "official" reveal that Archer is actually Shirou, but I think it's been pretty obvious before now. I really didn't expect them to devote an entire episode to Archer's past and exposing why he wishes to kill Shirou. I'm mostly curious about how long Archer was a Guardian before he was killed. I can somewhat understand this idea that constantly witnessing suffering eventually erodes even the strongest ideals, so I think it's really naive for Shirou to say that he will never think like Archer (almost painfully so).

On the other side of the spectrum, it is finally revealed that Kirei, despite being the arbiter of the Grail War, is another Master and that his plan is to use Rin as the Holy Grail. I'm not too familiar with the Fate world, but I've only seen homonculi being used to summon the Grail, so I'm curious how Rin qualifies. That aside, hopefully next week will finish the battle between Archer and Shirou...was waiting for that this week.

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