Owari no Seraph Episode 6: Yoichi is proof I don't automatically like every archer character

This week's episode finishes up the acquisition of the Cursed Gear. Based on current pace, the adaptation will outrun where I've read in two more episodes (which I still believe is pathetic). This episode also mentions that Yuu is actually not 100% human, suggesting there is some validity in the vampire's claim to Mika that the humans are just "using" Yuu and that he must "save" Yuu. When I first read that part, I suspected that the vampires were the ones that caused that to happen, but right now I think it's more interesting if the humans are the ones doing it (and the other demons are just not as forthcoming as Ashuramaru).

One more gripe that I want to mention about this week's episode (other than the lack of Shinoa trolling): I'm really annoyed at how much they emphasized that Yoichi was apparently the most ready for trying the Cursed Gear and that Shihou was least ready, when in reality, it was the opposite. If that's the case, what's the point of testing them? What's the point of having regulations? That aside, next week's episode should introduce the last member of the main cast that I know. I can't remember if Yuu also meets up with Mika, but I think it's still too early for that. I think the final character still has to accept Yuu and truly join the cast before that happens.

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