Kekkai Sensen Episode 5: Super clingy

Wait...let me get this straight. Leo has a conversation with the creature that captured him and he suddenly starts a relationship of sorts with mystery hospital girl? I guess I should be gaining some hope because something is happening outside of the episodic battles. But I can't be the only one having trouble figuring out what's going on in this show, right? Maybe I'm supposed to be getting more excited about what's happening in these battles. I'm just tired of watching Leo get kidnapped again and again and again...

So next week's episode will by using another one of these "Kings" (presumably to kidnap Leo as usual). This enemy(?) doesn't look as dangerous as any of the others we've seen so far. Also, this week's episode introduced the blood/man combo as a member of the team (though based on the ending theme, maybe not a largely recurring member) I'm assuming someone else will be introduced next week? The blond-haired guy with the mask in the preview?

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