Owari no Seraph Episode 5: Finally getting the weapons

It's finally time for the demon contracts to be made. It's really not the most eventful episode in the world. Guren's character is introduced a bit more with the meeting of the Demon Army higher-ups (he's not exactly the most inspiring character in the world). I don't know if it's just the level of the adaptation, but I don't remember having quite so much fun watching Shinoa in the manga...she just seems to be such a great character so far in the anime form. I think maybe it's because her reactions were single-panel in manga form, so they were easier to miss. On a side note, even though Mika was mostly featured in the preview from last week, he didn't really get to do much other than walk around in this week's episode...how misleading.

As shown in the preview, Yoichi will lose control to the demon in his weapon next week. It shouldn't be too surprising given the combination of his character and the fact that everything that happened this week pointed to him being the most capable of handling the demon. This is part of why I hate his character so much. He's just so frustratingly weak. Other than that, I think next week introduces the character Ashamaru, but I'm not totally sure. As I've said before, I'm still worried about the pace of this show...just how far do they expect to get? Is this going to be another show where they cut halfway through and pick up again after skipping a season (like Fate UBW)?

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