Plastic Memories Episode 4: Competition lurks?

There really isn't all that much to get from the retrieval in this week's episode. The kid is the standard case of someone developing abandonment issues from losing loved ones. I'm actually almost annoyed at how easy it was to change his mind about his Giftia. Still, I was surprised that Tsukasa hasn't exactly made much progress getting to know Isla (getting her to say something to him in the morning hardly counts). In fact, it felt more like he was bonding with Michiru this week than Isla...

The important piece from this week's episode was this issue of the black market retrieval groups. Hopefully, these become the main focus of the show from here on, taking the role of antagonists for the main group. I guess it makes sense that they exist...they could probably re-sell the Giftia's body once the soul is removed. If the show continues on similar to story in this week's episode, then I will probably quit covering it. If there's some overarching story going on in the background, then maybe I can stick with it.

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