Kekkai Sensen First Impressions (1): What did I just watch?

So this was kind of strange introduction to a show. I'm not even sure I fully understood everything I saw. In a nutshell, this show takes place in a New York City where humans and supernatural beings live alongside each other. The main character, Leonardo Watch, is a seemingly normal human with supernatural "eyes" capable of very strong perception. He's apparently trying to save his sister with the help of Libra, an organization trying to bring order to the city.

This show seems to not take itself too seriously, trying really hard to just be wacky. It's interesting, but it might be too "out there"for someone like me to watch. I have a feeling it will just devolve into episodic battles against a new supernatural creature. I'm still searching around to figure out which shows I'm going to stick with for this season, so we'll see how it goes. Music-wise, I feel like the song played at the ending (assuming it's actually the opening song) is pretty solid. Also, this show at least gets a good chuckle from me for the random Pacific Rim reference:

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