World Trigger Episode 26: Side effect

There's a lot of discussion about Side Effects this week and I've been wondering what differentiates a human with a Side Effect from a human with some nearly-supernatural talent. If the Side Effect is something that occurs naturally from birth, then there has to be a way to tell it apart from a normal human talent if they're giving it a special name. Can they detect that it stems from Trion? For example, some sort of test where they drop Trion levels to as low as safely possible and see whether the ability disappears? That could be interesting.

On a different topic, I'm glad this week's battle between Kazama's team and the black-horned Neighbor wasn't completely one-sided. It wouldn't have made any sense for the Black Trigger Neighbor to be so easily defeated by a single team. Next week seems to be shift the focus to the other horned Neighbor that appeared. Naturally, I'm not placing too much focus on the part about Osamu potentially dying. I'm assuming that will lead to some tense scenario where Osamu finally proves himself more useful.

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