Gunslinger Stratos Episode 3: In the field

Okay, I think I'm done with this show. It's not because Shidune is apparently dead...I honestly don't care for her character. I just find most of the show too cringe to watch on a weekly basis. To give some specific examples, I'm assuming this NDSF thing that Tohru is able to use is a temporary time slow, but they explain it in a way where it's not obvious that it's what he's doing. I'm assuming if you play the game, you're very familiar with this ability, but I personally have no idea.

And the worst offender is Kyouma's statement that if you die in the field, it's "game over"...really, man? Could you make it any more obvious that this is a game adaptation? But anyway, judging by the sad faces in next week's episode, it looks like Shidune is really just dead or in severe enough condition to be out of combat for a while. I'm assuming it's the former, especially since there was no parallel version of her in the fight this week. There is an argument for keeping her alive, though...they introduced the idea of bailing out this week and it would work as a demonstration of just how much you can survive by bailing out.

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