Plastic Memories Episode 3: Do people not lock their doors?

So this week's episode wasn't too eventful. It really played out like a poor attempt at a comedy skit. It makes sense that Isla would be averse to making connections with people knowing how limited her remaining life is. That being said, watching Tsukasa trying to bend over backwards to get her to open up to him was pretty cringe to watch for me...honestly, I don't know why he was trying so hard.

This week's episode has me pretty worried about the plot of this show. At this point, it seems like it will go with a pretty standard route of slowly opening Isla up and exposing her to the fun of life. Then it will end with her either accepting her death or finding some sort of cheap way to avoid it. I'm really hoping there's some more depth to this show, especially given how interesting I thought the initial premise was.

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