Hibike! Euphonium First Impressions (1): Joining the band

A friend of mine told me a bit more about the premise for this show, so I decided to check it out. I can actually somewhat relate to the main character in this show. Kumiko Oumae is a brass player who was in her middle school's concert band. Realizing she doesn't have the same passion for music that one of her classmates, Reina Kousaka, does, she decides not to join the band in high school, but is coerced to do so by her new friends. While I was never a brass player, my high school was actually pretty known for their band, so I know what it feels like to be surrounded by people gunning for the top. While I loved music, it was never going to be my career path.

For a music-themed show, the opening and ending songs aren't too inspiring. The opening songĀ is passable, but the ending song is just the kind of song I've always disliked. I'm probably going to be making a decision on this show based on the second episode. The red string in the ending song is really worrying for me...I really don't feel like dealing with strong yuri undertones. Plus, I get a pass because I was never a brass player anyway, right?

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