Plastic Memories Episode 2: Isla is old??

Oh looks like the big deal of the series is that Isla is secretly running out of time in her own lifespan (give or take 3 months left). It certainly isn't too surprising given the talk about her decline in this episode and her constant fear of death. I'm a bit glad that's all that was...I was starting to get worried that Isla was different because she was some sort of special android and we were reliving Chobits. But that aside, I had a bit of a weird thought. Why is it that despite earlier failures, the groups always seem to perform the retrieval the very day they get approval? Is it that they are conveniently getting approval at the last second or are they actually taking these androids away before their expiration? That just seems cruel unless the expiration is an approximation.

I'm still a bit on-the-fence about this show, but it hasn't done anything particularly disagreeable yet. Next week is probably the deciding episode impression-wise. Let's see how this role-swapped team of Tsukasa and Isla turn out, right? Final side question: what about the androids makes them the appropriate candidate to negotiate the retrieval? Wouldn't a human better understand the emotion of losing a loved one than an android that only lives for a few years?

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