Plastic Memories First Impressions (1): This show looks like it could work

Well, I honestly knew very little about this show before watching it other than the basic premise about human-like androids with a limited lifespan. I was curious how things would play turns out it's a pretty simple story about a group of people tasked with retrieving the androids that have reached the end of their lives. The show really plays into the idea of personality and how even the same sets of initial conditions (genetics, for example, in humans) can lead to completely different personalities and tendencies because of the conditions of the environment. That's the essential idea of these androids, right? Presumably, they are all sent out with fairly similar software, but their interactions shape who they become. Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite things to think about in neurology.

As a random note, I honestly expected there to be a cheap scene where Tsukasa reveals that he saw Isla crying in the elevator and embarrasses her in front of the entire group, but maybe that's just something that will come later. Back to the point, though, there are a couple of questions I found myself asking after watching this first episode. First off, what happens to the androids after they are "retrieved"? Are the bodies just re-uploaded with a new personality and sent off into the world again? That really seems like it could cause some potential confusion if one manages to run into people from its "previous life". But the alternative is some sort of destruction, right? Also, what should I expecting from this show? Will some androids start becoming more violent? Or does it continue along episodically trying to keep each retrieval interesting?

And my final question: whose bright idea was it to give the androids the ability to become aware of their own inevitable "death"? That's just asking for them to rebel against their creators...

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