Aldnoah.Zero S2 Final Episode (24): Peace

Well, given the end of last week's episode, the "attaining peace" part of this ending was somewhat inevitable. I wasn't entirely sure whether all of the three protagonists survived, but given the ending of the first half, it made sense that they would. I feel like killing Slaine after he had descended so much from the first half is reminiscent of Light Yagami (which wasn't a fun time). It usually makes more sense to give him a chance at redemption.

I'm definitely glad that Slaine and Inaho got a chance at a formal battle at the very end (though it seemed fairly one-sided for the most part). Anyway, I certainly had a lot of fun with this series...granted, it may have been at the expense of the other people watching it, but I'll take what I can get, right? But now that this show is completely done, I really only have one more question left to ask. What exactly did Marito do?

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