Parasyte Final Episode (24): Humanity

Did this ending really feel right? All of the parasite activity just conveniently dying down and Migi going to sleep? It almost seemed like the ending was a forced "everything worked out" scenario. Maybe I'm just upset that the parasites' origin was never explained...maybe I wanted Satomi to eventually find out about Migi. I guess I can see a point where the show is trying to introduce these parasites as though they were basically another natural species trying to coexist, but it just doesn't follow that they would just appear.

I'm sure I was supposed to get some big message about humanity in this final episode too, but I just wasn't really hearing it. There is some truth in what the serial killer said in that humans defy their nature in how we try so hard to keep ourselves alive to the point of rejecting things like natural selection, but that's not exactly a new message. But anyway, this show hasn't been too bad of an experience...just a lot of questions, I guess.

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