Junketsu no Maria Episode 10: Edwina acts

Well, that battle between Viv and Michael ended up being anticlimactic...she didn't really stand much of a chance. I'm curious about Maria's suffering this week, though...she seemed to be getting pretty upset at the fact that people were repaying her seemingly benevolent actions with such rejection. I wonder if that will come into play in the final episodes or if it was just a way to kill some time this week.

Anyway, next week Joseph faces off against Galfa for his lady...err, I mean for justice? It looks like Maria will also interfere with the battle once again...though will she be doing it through Edwina or will her powers return? Also, where is Bernard in all of this? Last week, it seemed like he was actually going to do something, but he wasn't exactly present in this week's episode.

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