Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 22: Getting even more robotic, Inaho?

Looks like Inaho and Slaine are both incapable of hitting a moving target with a point-blank shot, but let's move on. As usual, Inaho decides to handle things on his own...I've been assuming up to now that the pain he experiences in his eye was some sort of overheat from using the functionality too much. I suppose it's still the most likely explanation, but it's interesting just how much the eye can do. Inaho built it, right?

I'm assuming this Moon battle will be the final battle at least for this season (an ending for the entire series as well?). I'm curious what the significance of Klancain's meeting up with the princess will be. She shouldn't know anything about his father's death...I suppose she might reveal Slaine's plan, though, and recruit him as a double agent (I assume he has Slaine's trust).

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