Log Horizon S2 Episode 22: New mission

So Roe 2 was Shiroe's alternate character possessed by a "Navigator", some sort of being from another world. This would explain why her personality isn't too much like Shiroe's despite their similar appearance (it's basically a different person). I'm also not too surprised that the geniuses that are appearing are related to these Navigators. It's a good way to resolve as much as possible in this last arc.

It looks like the new mission is to go to the Moon. I'm guessing that's just the overarching mission because there doesn't seem to be enough time left in this season for something like that. Plus, next week's episode seems to focus on the relationship between Lenessia's brother and Isaac from the Round Table, so there's no real focus on that yet. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can sit through another season of this...

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