Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 21: Slaine's goals

Well, the Earth side of the battle seems to be progressing smoothly, with the unbeatable Inaho remaining so. On the Martian side, Asseylum has learned how twisted Slaine has become and will probably continue to stand against him. I'm not entirely sure how Slaine intends to move forward with his vision of the new world now that he no longer has Lemrina's support either...well, I guess he could use force.

It sounds like the Deucalion is headed to space to fight again. Is it time for the final battle? I could certainly see it spanning at least a couple of episodes. Also, I really don't know if I like the introduction of Cruhteo's son when we're this close to the end of the series. Normally it would be fine for a minor character, but he seems like the type of character that should have an impact on the ending (vengeance for his father or something like that). I guess we'll see.

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