Death Parade Episode 9: That was fun, right? the two were linked after all. This pair brings up an interesting question. I would think that many people would be sympathetic towards the boy, caught up in his emotions and acting extremely as a result. There's this sense of "we can't control ourselves, so we can't fully be blamed". However, on the other side, a psychopath legitimately can't feel the same empathy that most humans do. In that sense, I don't necessarily disagree with arbiters' stance of judging by actions. We don't condemn someone with psychopathy that controls it and conforms to society.

But back to the show. I'm curious why it seemed like Decim felt physical pain throughout that final conversation. This isn't going to be the standard cheesy development where he's learning to have feelings and they're causing him pain that he's not used to feeling, right? Is there even going to be a judgment next week? The preview seems to indicate that a lot of soul-searching will be happening.

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