Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 9: The battle begins

Time for war, I guess. Last week, I predicted a loss would move Kaneki into action because I didn't expect them to just broadcast the fact that they were attacking a coffee shop on the news. It looks like Kaneki will be joining the battle. I was also surprised that Youmo allowed Touka to leave go to Anteiku so easily. Is it because he knew the battle would already be lost by the time she arrived?

I'm glad Kaneki's decided to finally be useful and not run away like the rest, but will he actually be able to help? This battle feels like it's the fight of the previous generation, a battle that is usually lost. If the new generation joins in the form of Kaneki and Touka, then there should be a higher probability of actually winning the fight. Are we headed towards an ending where the two kids join the battle, but are helpless to stop the deaths of their elders?

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