Parasyte Episode 20: It seemed to be going so well...

This week's episode really does bring up an interesting idea. When faced with monsters that outclass us as humans, do we have to throw our morality out the window? The soldiers in this week's episode develop an "shoot first and ask later" mentality when faced with the threat of the parasites. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to link it to the police brutality questions we've been seeing in recent news...I'm certainly not going to open that can of worms, though.

So I haven't been paying full attention. Based on how strong he was, I'm assuming the guy at the end that wiped out the unit of soldiers despite was the one composed of five parasites. It explains why he wasn't killed by the initial shots. Anyway, next week I guess the battles continues. Maybe it's time for Shinichi to join the battle? He didn't exactly get to do anything this week.

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