Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 7: Anteiku is busted?

Well, Kaneki finally returns to the coffee shop after being in Aogiri all this time. I find it really hard to believe he's serious. He can't really be in Aogiri just to get strong enough to protect the people in Anteiku, right? I feel like there just has to be another reason. Also, what exactly was his reason for returning to Anteiku now? Surely he wasn't just talking to the manager about returning...must be related to how crazy he's been acting.

In other news, it looks like the investigators have figured out that Anteiku houses ghouls. Wouldn't it be ironic if they get attacked and Kaneki is unable to protect them because he's busy training himself to be strong enough to protect them? Maybe that's a little bit too much suffering for him, though.

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