Log Horizon 2 Episode 17: Roe 2 seems pretty easy to manipulate

These episodes are starting to feel like they're dragging on and on. Am I the only one feeling that? I think the only interesting part of this week's episode was when one of the people at the Round Table tried to propose a welfare system to help the adventurers that were struggling that was immediately shot down in a fairly "capitalism ho!" manner. As for the scene where Nureha reveals herself as the yellow-clad woman from the very end of the first season, I wasn't totally expecting it, but I wasn't really intrigued too much by the revelation.

It looks like next week will be some bonding time for Isuzu and Rudy...other than that, I'm not expecting too much. I assume much of their adventure will have to do with these Odyssey Knights that were introduced this week. As for Roe 2, she seems to have her uses as a summoner...is she supposed to be joining the cast? That just seems confusing if she does.

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