Log Horizon 2 Episode 16: Shiroe lookalike appears

Not much really happens this week other than the introduction of the new character, Roe 2. There was a bit of discussion about the location of Crusty and the state of his guild, but not much headway is made. Has Misa still not revealed what happened to him to anyone yet? Surely, people wouldn't be sitting around asking about him if they really knew what happened when he disappeared, right?

I'm not sure how I feel about bring a level 90 adventurer into the kids' team. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of their going out on their own if they continue to get bailed out by a level 90? Although, from the preview, it sounds like Roe 2 has some quirks that may be more detrimental than you would expect from a level 90...I guess we'll see.

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