World Trigger Episode 14: Jin gets serious?

This week, we finally get to see Jin in least a little bit. There's the explanation of the different types of Triggers, but I don't know how interesting I found that. At least it didn't take too long, right? Anyway, other than that, it doesn't really feel like all that much happened this week. It was more like a "oh look how cool Jin is" episode, I suppose.

Next week, we get to see Jin use the full power of his Black Trigger. It should be interesting to see how its true fighting capability links to his Side Effect. Surely there must be a relation or something. Based on what's happening this week, it's most likely that Yuuma and the team will remain completely oblivious to what's happening outside. I guess there's the possibility that the Arashiyama Squad needs some help, but I kinda doubt it.

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