Log Horizon 2 Episode 15: Quest time

Well, time to switch to the new players, I guess. I'm not sure how entertaining this will be...it's a bit worrisome. On the bright side, this week's episode gave me at least a little bit of hope...I don't know why, but I actually found Rudy pretty funny this week. Maybe there's hope for this group? On the other hand, I still find Serara pretty much unbearable to watch...something about her personality irks me, I guess.

Next week, the journey begins and the battles will return (probably the return of overly explained MMORPG mechanics too). Also, it looks like there will be a new character potentially joining the cast...some sort of Shiroe look-alike. Is that a form of respect or just a coincidence? I say "potentially joining the cast" because it looks like this character only appears in the opening theme (unless I missed something in the ending).

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