Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 2: The aftermath

We got a much slower episode this week. I guess everyone needed to recuperate after being on break for a season. There are really two main things happening in this episode. First, there is the introduction of Amon's new partner, Mado Akira, the daughter of his former partner. Given her behavior, she either turns really dere or goes into a berserker mode in battle (maybe given the right conditions). That's just my guess.

The second thing in this episode really isn't much...but based on the events of this episode, it's pretty likely that Yoshimura (the manager of Anteiku) is the "Owl" that the investigators constantly reference. Also, the current Owl is probably his descendant...probably the girl in Aogiri who keeps sitting around and laughing. Anyway, no preview info for next week...the title isn't super helpful either.

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