Parasyte Episode 13: Being Shinichi is suffering

Well, it looks like Satomi has finally decided to confront Shinichi about his odd behavior. But I guess the timing of the man shadowing Shinichi this episode has made him afraid that Migi will kill Satomi if she knows (if not immediately, whenever she becomes a liability). It raises some interesting questions. On the one hand, I'm assuming that his new state will make him too calm to really dwell on losing Satomi...but on the other hand, is it really that easy for him to isolate himself?

It seems Shinichi's antics have also gotten the attention of the local parasite gang as well. Given that the shadow now knows basically everything, will he keep Shinichi's secret or will he be too scared to notice that Shinichi tried to save his life? I'm guessing he rats Shinichi out and everyone starts attacking him again. But they wouldn't throw Satomi into the crossfire, right? It's too soon for another death like that, I would assume.

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