Absolute Duo First Impressions (1): Well, I made a promise

Can you really blame me for trying? Anyway, this show focuses around a armament system called Blaze, which apparently converts soul energy into some form of weapon...which in my opinion, isn't exactly the most inspired premise in the world. The main character, Kokonoe Tooru (or Thor, as he's being called by Julie), has a unique Blaze in that it's a shield, rather than a weapon. This forces him to be a bit more creative when it comes to offense...I presumed he knew that Falcon Punch move before gaining the Blaze, but wouldn't it have caused real physical damage if it were?

My reasoning for wanting to skip this series is that I read the first few chapters of the manga and didn't really see anything that made this show stand out from the other harem shows. But you know what they say...desperate times. One thing I will admit, though, is that I didn't notice that bit where Tooru said that he wasn't using his real Blaze...if he has a legitimate weapon (not a shield), it makes his character weaker in my eyes (his personality is already questionable). Presumably, he has a hammer, right? Music-wise, the opening was nothing special (pretty generic), but the ending was okay...not sure if it's something I could listen to regularly yet, but maybe.

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