Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Final Episode (12): Saber captured

Yeah, this whole "Saber being captured by Caster thing"...I thought I blocked those memories out. Random note before getting into anything else: I think it's pretty sweet that the opening from the original Fate/stay Night, "disillusion", was brought back for this episode. I really liked that song. Anyway, lots of hints about Archer's identity in this episode as well.

I'm not super surprised about how this "season" ended, but at least it didn't end in the middle of as big a fight as Fate/Zero did (though it did sorta end in the middle of a fight between Kirei and Caster). Also, the longer episode went similarly to the first episode (which was also twice as long)...the extra time was mostly used for some more Rin service. Anyway, should be fun to watch Shirou fumble around and fight without Saber, right?

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