Log Horizon 2 Episode 13: Valentine's Day

I would have preferred to cover Fate's final episode today, but it's an hour-long and my lack of solid wifi connection made this show a better choice. The reasoning is simple...this week's episode was mostly filler. Sure, they brought back some jokes from the first season, like Shiroe's cake buffet date and the "we're having curry" scene, but the episode was mostly boring for me. The only really suspicious scene for this episode was Rudy's disappearance. They made it a point to show some people sneaking around in Akihabara while Isuzu was looking for him, so maybe he was in on their secret meeting or something?

Next week marks the return of Kanami, the leader of the Debauchery Tea Party. This wasn't that hard to predict given how much they talked about her this week. I actually thought that maybe Nureha was secretly her or something, but it looks like she's just playing on a different server. Also, it looks like Nureha may become a potential enemy for the future? Not sure what to make of that scene yet.

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