Parasyte Episode 12: Kana's story

I have to say...I was honestly expecting Kana to have more of a role in the show than this. As this week's episode progressed, her death became a lot clearer...but going in, I really expected her to be the one that Shinichi could really talk to about the parasites. I guess he's going to just have to make do with Migi after all.

I wonder if Mitsuo will have some further role in this show. He doesn't really seem like that important of a character, but I really can't help feeling like someone has to know Shinichi's secret. Anyway, as usual, the previews don't really give me much info about the next episode. I'm assuming the parasite that was elected into office will be important, but it's hard for me to be sure given how it was shrugged off this week.

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