Sword Art Online 2 Final Episode (24): Kayaba's name returns!

Well, the big, dramatic death scene was kinda expected, but at least it only took half of the episode. In the second, we get the not-so-shocking truth that Kayaba Akihiko was behind the Medicuboid...that doctor only needed to say "designs for free" and it wasn't that hard to figure out where he was going. I guess it's not as bad as Aeolia Schenberg...yet...

And so another season concludes for this show. Just from a surface judgment, I think that both of the seasons were approximately the same in my eyes. If I were giving recommendations, I'd likely say something to the effect of "if you liked the first season, go for it". From just my perspective, I'd say the second season has the slight edge in that I was less hyped going into it, but the first season has the advantage of introducing me to Sandwich-kun. So, who's ready for another season? (I don't think anything's been announced...just joking around, people)

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