Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10: The true Master appears

I see Gil is still a fan of his 1-on-1 expositions. That aside, was it really that surprising that Kuzuki was a combat specialist? It makes sense for the person who summoned Caster to be a more front-line specialist...otherwise you have two mages trying to fight at the same time, which never works. Also, Shirou finally summoned Archer's weapons...it looked like he experienced some sort of backlash after it happened, though, so I guess he's still as weak as always.

The preview bits at the end really sound like another fight between Archer and Shirou may happen...but I guess that isn't possible because of the alliance. We're getting pretty close to the end (which I hear is supposed to be an hour long), which means that we're probably getting a break at the halfway mark. Anyone else having vivid memories of how Fate/Zero's first season ended?

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