Log Horizon 2 Episode 11: The true culprit?

Wait...let me get this straight. You can just walk past the raid boss and enter the final level? Why doesn't everyone just do that? I mean, I understand if you really want rare items or swag points, but this raid boss seemed almost impossible. I guess it was proven that these raid bosses are pretty intelligent, so maybe they just follow you. That's the only explanation that makes a lot of sense to me. The idea of the raid boss adapting like Luseat was pretty cool...they almost seem  human! That sort of thing would definitely make me more interested in playing in raids. In their current state, I lose interest because it just feels like you can script too much of the fight.

The goal of this raid was get the gold, right? So is Shiroe planning on fighting the last raid boss by himself? Seems quite unlikely. Based on the preview, it looks like he might just negotiate the usage of the gold river with Kinjou. But what will he have to give up in return? Is there even anything that Kinjou really needs? It must be another alliance like the Round Table.

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