Log Horizon 2 Episode 10: Pep talk

Well, they certainly did spend an entire episode motivating themselves up to try the raid again. That's a pretty long and drawn-out way to say "I'm a nerd gamer and proud of it." Apparently, this was much more important of an event than the time spent between Akatsuki's resurrection and the defeat of the berserk Royal Guard. Shiroe mentions that a week has passed...were they just restocking? And the raid didn't reset while they were doing this? They plan to finish by January 7 (the wipe happened on Christmas Eve, so that means it's approximately New Year's Day), so there's no way all the bosses respawned.

Anyway, next week is the second try against triple raid boss room. Now that everyone's had their defeatist moment, I'm sure this raid boss will be resolved either next week or in the episode after that. That aside, William brings up the Debauchery Tea Party this week...now that I think about it, we still don't really know what happened to them. Is that ever going to be relevant?

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