Psycho Pass 2 Episode 9: Final encounter time?

It looked like Togane had his Dominator pointed towards Akane when she saw her grandmother's ear. Did her color change? Even if it were to move slightly, it would be enough of a hint to warrant further investigation. She certainly looked pissed off enough to trigger some sort of change. I suppose this point in the show will really establish just how resilient she is.

Well, the end of the episode certainly made it sound like the final fight against Kamui was starting, so I guess it will have to span the last two episodes. Also, the end of the episode suggests that Akane's relatively calm nature is hereditary, which begs the question of what happened to the rest of her family. Also, I'm still waiting for Kougami Shinya's surprise's starting to look very unlikely now, since he would have to show up at the very final second to help.

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